fast 166's

I was just wondering if anyone had done any port/piston mod’s on a malosi 166 barrel? I read about that 22.5hp 166 in scootering and it got me thinking [:)] I was under the impression that a set up like that would produce about 16-17hp. I have a similar set up bar a decent expansion, hp4 and center plug head… all that power can only be put down to polishing bits and some fine file work?? my scooter is pretty quick but I’m keen for more [:bounce:] any suggestions? (other than throw loads of money in the direction of readspeed)


hey didge [:)] I did it with shaun, he has like a rasp thing that fits in his drill and then a hard core sand paper thing on the dremmel for smoothing things out abit. if you use a grinding jobby they just clog up with alloy, the raspy thing and a drop of oil is good [:)] where are you ordering your 210 from? I couldn’t help but notice that SIP are flogging fully modified 210’s for about 170 quid, abit steep maybe, but it’d be fun?? I heard you had a mikeck (spelling??) pipe for a 200 that you might be willing to part with?how do you reckon it would go modified and stuck on my 166? I hear they’re good revy pipes? speak to you soon,

If you look on the Stoffi’s website ( under the tuning section they have listed the spec of a Polini 177 engine they have built which produces 19HP without any mods to the barrel.

They are running it with a 28mm Dellorto carb and a JL Exhaust, a proper expansion pipe would improve your existing setup.

The biggest gain when fitting a kit is to ensure that the casings are matched correctly.

It is difficult on a PX125 casing to open out the transfers fully to match the Malossi barrel as the casting gets thin, you just have to go as much as you dare! Or get the casings welded up!

But a clean up of the ports wouldn’t do any harm, just don’t go too mad with the Dremel!;D


Im getting all the goodies from PM , Im not sure about the fully modded kits because im keeping the carb standard ( less hassle setting up) .
The Mickek is a really good pipe and sounds the biz , Ray from crediton is supposed to be buying it this weekend but if he doesnt i’ll let you know.

Ozzy , your gonna have to get rid of that pea shooter and buy a real pipe !
Hows it goin , havent spoke in a while.
Im about to order a Mal 210 plus other various bits. I might give you a shout when i come to do the casings . Which dremel bit did you use ?
Cheers .


in answer to myself (if anyone’s interested), I found out that the 166 scoot that made 22.5hp has it’s transfers welded and opened out, the compression ratio modifed… its also probably blue printed, timed and jetted about 100 times more thoroughly than my scoot [;)]