Farewell comrades

hello all its the doc.hopefully with all the input ive had on this forum,at some point some of you have listened,taken the advice and its helped you,maybe even got you right out the shit.if thats the case then good,that was the intention.i’m calling it a day now,the workshop is being cleared and a couple of the scoots being mothballed the rest sold.anyone wanting any bits my e-mail is still on my profile so drop us a line.21yrs of doin it,need a rest.keep doin it boys,theres nowt like it YOU KNOW WHEN YOU’VE BEEN DOCTORED

A wise man once told me " don`t strain yourself, get a bigger hammer."

[:D] Re read, and see what you mean! and no!
unless you have a 210water cooled head holding the shed door open,that you dont wont!!!

Good luck doc, shame you are leaving as I am returning to the scene. Once its in your blood you can never truly be free. Youll be back.

ooooooooh you guys!!!cheers stocks,ade,hally,dom and slidy(careful slidy your feelings seem almost sexual)but in particular beerace.there is a new messiah and its him.due to shit circumstances he will be all to available in the future for you lot and he knows his stuff inside out,he’s a bloody good bloke as well.may pop back now n again to take the piss but otherwise if you need help e-mail me.address on the member profile.this really wasnt worthy of a headstone,just wanted to say bye,had a fukkin good laugh with you not at you cheers boys. p.s. you’d have thought s.i.p would send me a £500 gift voucher or something wouldnt you,tight gits

say it aint so - and i just recieved my carb from scootrs.com!
thanks for all the help and humour too
you’ll certainly be missed

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Think of the kids!!
I didn’t bother replying to most posts, as you always gave better answers!(and you knew what you were talking about!)
Good luck[:rotate:]

Yeah doc, they could have sent the totty from the catalogue (you know the one in the underwear) to give you a thank you jolly. Damned un British of them, bally jonny foreigners wot?

So where’s the next messiah coming from then?

All the best on this truly sad occaision.
Back to the hammer, chisel and gaffer tape routine…

Cheers and thanks,

St Hauli (formerly known as Hally)

thanks for all your help and advice i dident know if the pinasco had to be run in the same i read somewear that you only had to run a mallosi in for the first 40 mins and was confused you will be a grate loss to this bulletin bord with all the knolage and expareance you have farwell and goodlook