FAO - Curare.

Hi Curare,

I need to pick you brains over Koso carb jettings!!, Diablo gave me your name.

I got a Koso 30mm carb with 135/140 main and 40/42 slow jets.
My engine is as followed:

T5 172,
MMW2 reedvalve currently using Dellorto 30mm PHBH,
Harry Barlow crank,
Aprillia Con Rod.
20t Cosa/Worb 5 Clutch.,
Currently using Scorpian pipe, but have Taffspeed Goldline on the way.

Above built by Diablo.

Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.


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your carb came with a good set up.

What I would have proposed with your set up and with the Koso 30 would have been:

main 135
slow 42
needle JJH
needle clip 2nd position from top

of course need to know how the engine likes it to optimize.

Thanks Curare,

Does the needle have similar markings to the main/slow jets.

Thanks again.

Will let you what happens.

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