fantastic pipe

well folks at last got rid of the scorpion! what a head boiler that was!! never again! anyways just recieved my new scoot rs pipe left hand,(non stainless of course) sorry sip team. but for £105 delivered to my door i couldnt resist it.what a pipe people, a copy of the old pm 20 i think ,fantastic power increase ,nice stainless down pipe, nice black chamber and lovely stainless end can, no pinking,no hassle (exept a few fitting problems) spare wheel on, i would defo recomend it, dont waste your hard earned money on a simmo get one of these!! set up , mk1 t5 fitted with early p2 motor, this brilliant pipe, 118 main, 18/19 degrees, b8 plug, 75/80 mph, well on my speedo anyway.[:dance1:]

My mate just got a pipe from them for his 225 lammie and it is sweet. For the price you just can’t beat it.