Fabrizi Exhaust Probs

Hi everyone,

I’m fitting a Fabrizi exhaust and it touches the back shock, does anyone know the solution to this problem as i’m stuck. I tried a PX rear shock which is thinner but it is still right up against the pipe. Do you need a special shock? surely not…

Any advice greatly appreciated!


If i was faced with this quandry I’d elongate the upper shock mount and move the shock over 10mm. its a quick win situation but i aint condoning it as best practice.

that sux

Can you post an image of it?

Starting with the basics,have you fitted a PK version to a Primavera or vice versa?

No PK, Primavera 125 engine. And no adjustment possible, it’s rubbing hard against the shock. Do you mean pk shock?

No, I have the Fabrizi barrel version as i have a Fabrizi cylinder kit. It needs about 10mm to clear te shock!

Hi Juan, yeah of course electronic. Stater plate could be an option. What do you mean by plug chop?


so you ordered no. 7506990000 as this is the non fabrizi barrel version and it fits pk & pv…

How many mill’s do you think the shock/pipe need to move to givwe you clearance bearing in mind that as the shock compreses with rider weight, the header pipe shold move up and forward.

I’m sure I’m teaching you to suck eggs but…

…install it loosely and then tighten it up gradually going from point to point.If this still doesn’t do the trick it may be that some heat and brutality is required to make it fit.Short of that enquire with Olli at Grand Sport to see if he has a solution.

keep us updated on your fabrizi once its up and running. I’d love to know how they run.[:D]

Too lean? Spark plut always black so i thought i was too rich… Yeah, i’m running 25 phbl with a 268 atomiser. Needle set on top clip with a d22.
When i am moving up throught the gears its super smooth but only when i’m steady in mid range is there a problem. Shall i try taking the revs higher and not sitting at 5800?

Just a thought here.Are you experiancing fueling problems?You may need a fuel pump to deliver enough juice to the motor if the line is running free.

If your plug is black then the mixture is too rich.For want of a better term this will mean it’s air „lean“.I’ll try to find a jetting site later for you as I’m just off to work just now.

to use a classic „SIP“ quote "slight modifications may be necessary ". Just fitted a zirrii pipe to a s/f motor today and it took 3 attempts to stop it from rubbing on the back tyre.

the fabrizi header pipe may have slots rather than holes in it allowing for some lateral adjustment.

Sounds more like a dodgy stator plate but it could be the jetting.How’s your plug chop?

P.S.-I presume you’re running an electronic system and not points.[:O]

Thanks, I thought of doing that but just wanted a second opinion. I will just have to get used to a harder ride!

The exhaust said for pk or prim, is there a difference?

i would love to speak to anyone who has fitted a fabrizi kit and exhaust to see if they had similar problems…

„back wheel locks up“ are you having heat seizures ? I would have thought you are runnin too lean in the mid range carb settings. Fabrizi’s kits are a comlete mystery to me. are you running a 25phbl or bigger. what clip is your needle set at and what atomiser /needle setup are you running ?

Is there a danger of it blowing up if it’s too lean?! i’m hesitant to push it

Thanks for advice polini, runs great. Excelleration out of this world! Fastest scoot i’ve ever been on(even close to ts1) 25mm dellorto carb on now helps it run extra smooth! Only prob is, running contantly at over 5600 revs in 4th gear after a few minutes engine cuts out and back wheel locks up! any suggestions because everyone i know is baffled… could it be a jetting issue you think?