F***in electrics

et3 has been running a stator plate converted to 12volt, running into a regulator and feeding out through a nice new loom. Its been great for the last six months but now when headlamp is on dipped beam I’m getting 3.5 volts to the front & back lights. Then on high beam I’m getting the full 12 volts.

All the power from the stator/regulator runs to the front light switch via 1 wire and then obviously travels from the switch to the headlamp.

The switch is only 6 months old and worked fine from the outset.


was the xl electric start if so i might have one(might)[:roll:]

pkxl & pkets were the models that used the 24mm px type cone on the crank and consequently use a stator plate that allows usage of the broader tapered cone. Non battery type/non elec start stators have three wires for the CDI unit and two for the regulator unit (5 in total). Inetrested to know what you may have lying around .


cheers- off out to scooter club later sO I’ll see how its all behavin 2nite.

If anyone reads this i’m after a pkxl stator (so i can do the the larger coned pk crank and hp4 conversion.) Termination of employment means I got to take the cheapest route possible so let me know if anyones got any of the above lying round aswell as reed valve manifolds or casings etc, etc (a set of disced up bitubo’d pkxl forks are a long shot, but just thought I’d ask for them aswell !)[:smile:]

i think its just a case of trial and error.
i’d start by checking all the earths are ok and that nothing is earthing that shouldn’t be (switch, broken wire) as the current will take the easiest way back to earth[:D]

i have the battery type and non battery type.
am currently doing up a pk for the miss dont know if she wonts electric start as she is a big wimp.;D