F.a.o. ralf (sip)

Come on mate!

i bought a sip performance exhaust for my p166x (21001000) and the down pipe was welded on back to front!

what up with sip's customer service, 10 email and a post on the forum and still no reply!!!!!!!

Now im just gonna buy a replacement down pipe and send the other one back for a refund..

im totally dissapointed in sip's customer care, and will proberly think twice about buying from you guys again.


 can you tell me the article number of a replacement down pipe as i cant seem to find the one for this exhaust anywhere.

pissed off,



I also asked SIP to send my items to my new address & even made a point of telling them not to send to my old address, but guess what, it went to my old address even though I changed all my details & my ex-wife made a right ordeal about it!! not happy [:@] I have ordered a fair bit of stuff from SIP over the years & usually they are pretty good but like you say they didn’t even respond to my emails either!!

Hi Diamond,

your joint pipe is this item:

It is in the online spare parts list of your exhaust, quite easy to spot. We had already lots of PMs on this subject and I forwarded all your pictures to Jim Lomas. We cannot see the problem. If you think this joint pipe will help let me know and I will ship one to you.
You have my email.