Exploding clutch

Hi Dylan,

When you meant the reinforced basket dragged, what do you mean, because i am just in the process of putting one together???


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what happens when a clutch b***s?

i’ve not had much experience in the vespa engine tuning front,but if my lammy is owt to go by,strong springs are essential when tuning a motor.also,if you are using a light flywheel centrifugal force will act upon the clutch because it is heavier,thus causing the exploding clutch syndrome you are talking of.
just a thought!

I hope to find out, however, its been pissing down all day and it will be much of the same on sunday. So I dont think im going to get a chance until next weekend.

Where are you getting it done? and how much does it cost?

My cosa clutch also plays up, I dont get it opening like a flower, however, I do go through plates very quickly, only a month ago I had new plates and its now started to slip a little in 4th. The edges of the plates also get pretty worn especially the outside 2. I am now going to put in some uprated springs, perhaps this will eliminate the slipping the problem and give me a new one, like yours.

Yes, put a ring around it. I know that you can buy them for the smaller 125/150 baskets. They are a tight fit under the top plate legs so don’t need to be welded in at all.


I finally got a chance to put in the uprated springs today and it has cured the problem. No more clutch slip no matter how hard I pull open the throttle.

just a quick note my clucth was compelty buggered on my t5
just recently see broken clucth page 3 i had a new fitted which i got direct from piaggio in italy through a local dealer.
it works a treat.
the buggered one had all but expoled not a lot left at tall .
for me i would rather keep it as it was intened to be (but every one to there own.
frenchy [[:O]]

Hi Max the part you are after is called XT2000 clutch release shaft product number 5004 it is on page 75 in the sip catalogue.If you go to sip shop and in the search box type in 5004 it will find the part hope this helps Gary

I would also like an hp4, but I value my electric strat too much. Is it possible to get a lightened flywheel with the starter ring gear, or is it possible to lighten the standard flywheel?

Any news, got it done yet?

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!

I used the strongest springs I could find on my lammy (AF225), but I still burnt clutches really quickly.

thanks gaz7!

most appreciated - however… thats the part I found when I was searching before - I’ve only been shown the remnants from the previous fixes (will be gettin me hands dirty on this one tho - seeing as its about ready to go again…) but the picture didn’t look right and its named slightly different…

I think the pictures throwing me because it’s the plunger AND the plate? 'bearing’d together…?

If thats the case then could be what I’m after…

nelboy - its the brass/copper cylindrical bit that the lever arm (pulled by the cable via the clutch lever) pushes onto inside the clutch facia housing

the clutch gets gradually worse - tighten the cable - gets worse - tighten the cable - BANG - the plunger explodes leaving an indentation on the circlipped plate as though its been too tight and squashed itself and dented the push plate…

I have not tightened the cable at all this time but its becoming almost impossible to get into gear and it now seems to have developed a tendancy to slip gears (not to mention the front brake seizing up for wot reason I know not…)

anyway - thanks for the help - just have to work out how many Euro things to a pound and cough up I suppose…

Thanks all


if you have a standard p200 lump in the bike you shouldn’t be getting problems like that.what is actually happening to the plunger?cos i didnt think much could go wrong on them!
interested to hear more

My new springs turned up today so hopefully my clutch slip days are over. It is really irritating when I pull out to overtake a lorry pull the throttle back, engine revs but no increase in speed, and I have to pull back in. Totally emabarasing.

on the subject of the lights being brighter,the only explaination i can think of is the standard flywheel magnets are larger and more powerful,thus inducing more power(putting it simply!)
obviously the lightened flywheel has smaller magnets!interesting point to remember if you plan on doing a halogen conversion on an old vespa and you want a lightened flywheel!

hello all…

Perhaps someone could shed some light for me…

I have a T5 (which I am told has a PX200 engine in it)

I’m pretty clueless about Vespa’s - but am a mechanically sound all rounder…

I have had the bike a grand total of 4 months and already I’ve gone through 2 clutch plungers!!! (turns out it has had this problem with previous owner too!!!)

I am talking about brass barrel shaped errrrr ‚plunger‘ that pushes onto a C-clipped kind of plate then onto the clutch itself…

I was told by the garage that I could try and get a modified one that actually spins on a bearing arrangment

could this be the „SIP bearing plunger“ mentioned above??!?!

I have tried to search the online shop but have come up with nothing…

anyone help??

many thanks