exhust for GS

can anybody recomend the best exhust for a '62 Vespa GS!^) bored out to 180cc[:rotate:]

Can’t find the link but I’ll ask Chelsea at Scomo to give me details.

In the meantime,there’s a forum just started that’s dedicated to the SS180 and caters for the GS160 too.

You can find it here.

In which way best?

Origional,origional sporty type,a converted Sito Plus or an expansion pipe?

best for performance and best for looks! will the Arbarth twin pipe help the performance at all or just give me problems? am looking at the RZ mark one but think it might ruin my classic looks![:lickout:]

Thanks JuanK,

I am going to try a abarth exhaust and see how it goes as long as i doesn’t restrict my performance I’ll stick with it, if I’m not happy I’ll probably create a sito abarth love child, thanks for your help

cheers, marcus

The Arbarth replica will give no performance gain and may even restrict it more.

The RZ may look out of place and need some adaptation to fit.

It’s up to you.

I’ll try find the link for the Sito conversion if you like,I need to run just now.

Sito + conversion

Marcus,I’ve just found out from a friend that if you want an expansion pipe in the future you can use one with a down pipe designed for the Rally 180.

But only the 180,the 200 is differant.[;)]