Exhaust question

hi i have recently purchased a px 200 '99 disc and already i have fallen in love with it. my wife and i now ride it around wherever we go. i would like to increase the power though but there are so many exhausts to choose from, so i am completely overwhelmed. i was looking on the exhaust page and i saw one in particular that i liked, it is the red one from sip part no 24155000, but i am wondering if it offers any additional power over the standard one? the top section looks a lot thicker, so it could have some performance benefits??? or should i just go all out and opt for a proper jl exhaust? also i am unsure of which jets for the carb i need to order, i am based in hong kong and i wouldn't want to order the pipe, then have to re-order jets and similar items.. my bike is standard otherwise and i would also appreciate any input on carburator modifications.. which carb is best and would simply be a bolt-on affair? please help!! i am dying to make some mods!!

thanks hamer!!

after browsing these forums i can see you are clearly the go - to guy regarding tuning! my basic concern is that i don't have any space to do any spannering myself, unless i do it in my appartment! so what i'm saying is that i just need a simple bolt - on solution. i have considred a cylinder upgrade,  but wouldn't this mean i would have to change the carb, clutch etc...? back to the exhausts, could you please have a look at the red exhaust from sip 24155000 for the px 200 and give me some feedback on wheter it would have any performance benefits and what jets it would require? but, if you recommend a jl/sip i will just go for that instead. sorry to throw all these questions at you, but why is all that jetting neccessary? and when you say i should start with one jet and work my way down, how do i know which is the right one...

i really appreciate your help and time!!

thanks again, wes

Hi ,

You will only get a limited boost from a new pipe, to realise proper potential you should consider an aftermarket cylinder kit also. If it just the exhaust you want, then look out for a Taffspeed or JL/SiP lefthand on a standard barrel. You should order main jets 125, 122, 120 and 118, start with the biggest and gradually come down in size until all is running well. Standard jet on yours is 116.