Exhaust problem Tecnigas

Hi. I have a Yamaha Neos 100 equipped with Malossi 125cc cylinder, Dellorto 22mm, Malossi multivar, X-belt, fly-clutch and gear-set. With original exhaustsystem very good accelration and a topspeed about 90 km/h only. I recived today a Tecnigas Next exhaustsystem and after mounting the system the topsspeed dropped to only 55 km/h and very poor accelration. What has happened?? /Fredrik Rosengrem, Sweden

There is a reduction pipe at the inlet of the pipe which i removed, then the topspeed rised to about 80 km/h still with poor accelration. I runs well with original exhaust, but i cant get it to give enough power on high rpm`s, so the topspeed i almost like it was with the original 100cc cylinder and 16mm carb....[:S]

maybe there is a 2. reduction in your pipe


one in the front and one in the end !!!

hi ...


maybe you got a reduction in the pipe !

please check it ....


do you bought the pipe at sip ??

do you got an item code ?

Malossi multivar with 11 gr rollers and clutch is a brand new Fly-clutch. But that cant be the problem, the engine doest get fuel or air.....maybe a bigger main-jet.



what about the variator ??

and the clutch springs ??



maybe there are reductions for homologation!    called e-pass in germany

But the Tecnigas Next system is claimed to be att race-system. Strange with reductions in a racesystem....[:S]