Exhaust "Plus" SITO PK80-125/S PK50 (Malossi 136 direct)?

Helo Everyone,

Does Exhaust "Plus" SITO PK80-125/S fits Pk 50 XL2?


I've malosii 136cc inside and i have to change exhaust.


Please Help me

it dipends on the "arrangement" of your engine (carb., gearing etc...), but a polini righthand should be a good compromise.

Gearing: manual 3.72 ratio

yes it does...but it's a pity putting this exhaust on a malossi 136cc...

Which exhaust will be good for this cylinder and will fit P&p?


Thank You ror help

which gearing? it is very important to give you the right answer! the polini left is very good but you have to renounce to the spare weel. if you haven't a too long gearing you can choose a better exhaust like this: http://www.sip-scootershop.com/EN/Products/40300200/Racing+exhaust+SIMONINI+PK50.aspx

it will allow your cylinder to express its full performance at high rews!

why do you say so? have you tried?

Upgear Kit V50/90/PK50, 22/63 cogs, transmission ratio=2.86, for 85-115cc cylinder, pitched cogs The following transmissions match perfectly with the suitable cylinder kits. They match all small frame Vespas with the exception of PKXL2/FL2 and automatics.



Sip put this information? IS it true?

What do You think about polini left? I have 136 MALOSSI, PhBL 24, RAMAIR FILTER, FULL CIRCLE.



Will you please listen to me? I told you to change the clutch (choosing one for et3 and compatible models) just in order to solve the problem of matching with your vespa, because the only problem is the clutch, for the rest no problem. I hope that now it is clear.

18/67 with malossi 136cc???!!! extremely short gearing!!! too bad! consider that it is good for a 75cc while short yet for a 85cc... some people use it with a 102cc but only for climbing the mountains! if you use this gearing with your malossi 136cc it's like driving always in the third gear, with the engine screaming, and never use the fourth! you need at least a 22/63 (2.86) which is still a bit short but rather good with an exhaust like the simonini I indicated you above in order to fully enjoy the high rews that you cylinder can reach.

They match all small frame Vespas with the exception of PKXL2/FL2 and automatics.

So this gearing doesn't fit.


Which clutch do you prefer? Can I change only springs for reinforced?

Now I have new original...



22/63 doesn't fit what to do?

Is 22/63 available on sip i couldn't find it?


Does it fit to my PK50XL2: nr 15340000 ?


What longest gearing can I use? Where can I buy it?


Thank You for helping me:)

Hi, excuse me for the late answer, you need a single spring clutch (et3-like) for the 22/63. One of these should be good:



the only thing to care about is the spring: it must be at least as reinforced as the malossi (http://www.sip-scootershop.com/EN/Products/29375000/Clutch+spring+MALOSSI+V50PK.aspx), ask sip!

Ah it is possible that your actuating bearing does not fit with the et3 clutch, ask them also for this information.

Here we are! http://www.sip-scootershop.com/EN/Products/15310000/Upgear+Kit+V5090PK50+2263.aspx

I don't know the pk xl2 is the "pk xl rush"? Anyway you need a very well reinforced clutch for et3-pk; if your vespa has the same clutch than it is sufficient to substitute disks and spring, while if your vespa has a clutch like vespa pk xl rush, N, V or HP you have to buy a complete clutch.