Exhaust for V50R with Pinasco 102cc Alloy and general touring set up


I am looking to match an exhaust to the kit and have decided on a Polini Banana. There are 2 listed, 1 for the 50cc and one for the 125cc. Which is the one for a 102cc Pinasco?

I am also going to be changing the primary, crank and carburettor.

The crank will be a race Mazza, the carb a 19mm.

My intention is a touring set up. Is a 2.86 better than a 3.00 ratio, or will the set up not have enough grunt to pull in 4th gear.

What is a reasonable top end to expect with this set up?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks Dimi,

I hadn't considered going reed, good to be able to get the exhaust sorted.



Richard, we have been using the Polini banana 50cc for all smallframes upto 112cc and the standard SS90 they work well, the 125cc is designed for the tuned 130cc etc smallframes.

Also just use the standard SHB 19/19 via Polini with Polini filter and a reed valve inlet manifold.

A gear up transmission will be required, and clutch basket, I'm no able to comment but other should have had experience.

Cheers, Dimi 

If you are still going full circle Mazza crank then you can go reed, otherwise stay rotary and use Polini 24mm rotary manifold with PHBG 24 Dellorto carb, will be sweet either way.