Exhaust for pk50

I have a pk50xl2 fitted with polini 75ccm cylinder, a polini 19mm carb and pinasco primary gear. I currently have a sito plus exhaust.
I was thinking of upgrading the exhaust to a polini exhaust, and I was wondering witch one I should choose between the right handed exhaust and the „snail“.
Which one is the better? Best sound? CHood I chose another exhaust??


Hi Adrien!
I’ve not quite got to that stage yet, (pk 50 s) polini 75 kit, but i was reading on the scooter centre dot com site to go for the polini exhaust with the polini kit. I like the look too, bang go’s your spare wheel, though.

It’s the second pic from the bottom.

Being the noob that i am, i hadn’t noticed the pipe you’ve already got, i stupidly just assumed you had the bog standard one! DOH!