Exhaust for a Primmy

Hi there,
I’ve rebuilt a '81 Primavera and I’d like to know what exhaust to fit in my new ported Polini 130 + Mazzuchelli Race Crank + Dellorto 24 w/reeds + E-ignition.
I’ve got a Simonini down and forward but It is too noisy for the Spanish TUV.
I don’t want it to sound as an airplane but I want it to be fast.
Any ideas? Thanks a lot.


Heard good things about the leo Vince performance on a similar set up.

Mine is same but without reeds, but not got it fully run in yet so can’t say how good I’ve found it.

I’d fit a standard ET3/SS90 style pipe or the Sito copy.Might strangle it a bit at the top end but it should improve the mid range and address the noise issue.Failing that a Polini or a LeoVinci but I’m not sure how noisy they are in relation to the Simonini.