Exhaust failure t5

after 8 years of riding my t5, i have just suffered my first seizure,as it happens i fitted a scorpion pipe and only had about 100miles on it, the bike never went right since i fitted it , now i;m going to get a mollossi kit , any suggestions as to the best pipe to use for it , or will the scorpion run allright on it, i,ve lost faith in the scorpion , i have a spare barrel but want to keep it as a back up in case all failes i can go back to standard , at least its reliable

Hi there smudge i have the same set up as you are you useing the cosa clutch what have you set your timeing to thanks Gary

choice of exhaust is realy dependant on what youre going to use scooter for out andout thrashing to rallys go for ataffspeed and top quality oil. ive had a sip exhaust and 28 mm carb for 18 months now with no trouble with my mallosi kit just dont have apolini there junk

thats why it siezed im running 172 kit with a simonini pipe and a 132 jet with a b3 atomiser runs perfect plug colour spot on it must be running so lean with a 114

a 132[[:O]] ya see thats there sort of thing that confusses me!if say a standard t5 is a 110,or say with a chamber 112,114 and a standard p2 116/118, with a chamber say 118/122 how can anything between 125 and 200cc be up around that size of main[?[] [?[] rev would you not be better using a bigger carb? i hear the 26 miller is the way to go.not that im doubting your set up as ive come across this before but can you see my logic? vespas whod have them eh[:D]

More like a jetting failure! Did you upjet when you put the Scorpion on? Fail to do that and yer heading for a seize.

Don’t waste money on an off the shelf pipe, find someone who makes em to suit your set up, much better idea. I think I’m right in sayin Beerace makes them.

Oh, and if you want some longevity in your motor take the time to replace the innards, checking cruciform etc… Just bolt a kit on and you’re asking for trouble, usually at full whack in middle lane of the M1.

yet another unsatisfied scorpion user. sorry to hear that wayne.well ya all know my opinion on them[:’(] hey wayne will give ya a good price for that spare barrel you have!!! best to go for mallossi mate and an expensive [email protected]@@@@@d they are too. youl need to get your head done as well. bin the scorpion[:@]

I have a cosa 21(?) clutch. Can’t be exact on the timing as I have not strobed it but it runs best for me a little advanced from when it was standard. I did match things a little also when I first built it so that may help aswell.

yes i did up jet to a ii2 and then went up to a 114 then it happened

I have tried various setups and settled for Malossi 172, Scorpion and standard carb(122 main). I have tried many other pipes incl SIP, PM, Sito and Simm. The SIP was best top end but you could really feel the hills/wind.
The setup I now have does 75 all day, hills no prob, 2 up no prob.

I guess every engine is different even if they came out the factory on the same day and you have to find whats best for yours.

im just reading back, and your only using a simmo[[:O]]

ok thanks i have the cosa in as well tryed the standard clutch would not get so good top end speed

I think waynie has a standard engine in that case a 112 or 114 should be ok in his post it does not say he has a kit on scooter[:dance1:]

Don’t bother with the 26mm if your already running a 24mm. Some of em only measure up to around 25mm and dealers are finding it hard to shift them, may as well go 28 if you want to spend money.
i’ve a 145 main with an lml be3 which is about 1/2 size bigger than a be3 and it’s smashing…

Without wishin to sound contrary I’ve a Polini and it’s far from junk. Much faster than Mallossi I used to run on top end and acceleration.

Done about 2400 miles (mostly rallies and yeh it’s thrashed)from running in, reliable as f*ck, hits 65mph in 4th and takes off. Just got to set them up right AND use a decent pipe. Most importantly tho is make sure your cranks balanced.