Exhausr - Sito Sport with a malossi P210 ?


I have a P210 malossi fitted into my wideframe GS150. i want to keep the old look which this exhaust looks great. i am worried it will greatly degrade the performance. how would it compare to a SITO +. i have a poloni right hander and a sito galaxy which i can use. what would be the best option ?




sito sport info :

Exhaust SIP ROAD Vespa PX200/Rally

red, "SITO Sport" optic, 2 chromed end-tubes, with large front pipe

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Jockey´s Boxenstopp, Exhaust-Test for SIP, 02/2010:

 "Performance, sound and paint job are tops. The bugs have been worked out in the jump between third and fourth gear on the 200er. Motor cranks up more smoothly than ever. The 200er in my series PX200 gets 13.9 hp!! With standard exhaust, 12.5! Respect!"

does any one know when these are coming in stock. ive had an order since the 26/4/10. hope its worth the wait !

I have got one of thee exhausts on backorder to run on my Polossi 210 in place of a SitoPlus , LaRocca says the pipe will be much more free revving than a SitoPlus . The Sip Road in black or the Sito Sport look will be an all round improvement if what LaRocca has told me is correct.