Exchange parts from PK 50 FL to 50 N Special 1978?


I'm looking to build an electronic ignition into my Vespa smallframe V50 N Special 1978 V5B3T with indicators. 

I can get my hands on a dismantled PK 50 XL FL (don't know a building year yet). Are the engine parts exchangeable? For instance the whole ignition part and possibly the clutch?

In the SIP catalog I've read about this being a PK 50 with other (newer) gearbox technology and only uses 1 cable to change gears.


So in short:

  • Are the engine casings exchangeable?
  • Is the ignition exchangeable?
  • Is the clutch exchangeable? As PK50 should be more comfortable riding compared to the old single-springed clutches.


Many thanks in advance