Evo exhaust finish

I’ve just got a new Evo 2003 exhaust for my P200Disc. I’ve read a lot of postings on here and made a note of some recommendations for jetting. I’m contemplating the following:
126 main jet
be4/5 and 190 emulsion tube and atomiser
Cooler plug - B8 maybe.
Can anyone commend on these changes - good, bad, etc?

Also, the exhaust I have bought is the black steel one. How does this coating stand up to British weather? Is it long life or should I consider the extra expense of getting it chromed?

Thanks all,

Newport Dragons SC

Thanks for the reply Vespadoc.
I took some Lammy bits to a chromers yesterday. He had a look at the Evo exhaust and quoted £40+VAT to chrome it if I stripped the paint off. I hadn’t considered stove enamalling. I’ll check out my Thomson Local and the Yellow pages to see if anyone close to me (Newport, S. Wales) can do it.


with that atomiser and emulsion tube i’d go 124 main.if the pipe is painted then get it powder coated/stove enamelled,damn site cheaper than chrome ,or try electro galvanised plating as it lasts just as long

a good cheap option.a friend just had all the bolt on bits for his px powder coated i.e running strips levers stand brackets etc and the job lot was £60