Eurovespa 2007 San Marino

Today we received a letter from the Vespa World Club: Eurovespa 2007 will take place in San Marino, a small independent country in the middle of Italy, near Rimini. The event will be from 14th of june until 17th of june.
Rumors had been around for quite a while that no further Eurovespas would happen after the FIV liquidated itself this year. The successor, Vespa World Club, now ancounces the new Eurovespa and is already in search for an organizer for 2008 (VC Austria, Swiss and France have applied already).

We will come with more news as soon as they are available!



Alla luce delle tante iscrizioni pervenute ci è stato concesso di aumentare il numero dei partecipanti al VESPA WORLD DAYS introducendo una nuova formula di adesione: questa nuova quota di € 30,00 (Euro trenta,00) consentirà la partecipazione all’intero
programma ad esclusione della cena del Sabato sera.

I Vespa Club che hanno già compilato il form riceveranno via e-mail la conferma dell’inserimento e la richiesta di pagamento della quota secondo l’ordine della lista d’attesa, invitiamo chi non l’avesse ancora fatto a compilare la scheda.


Due to the fact that too many inscriptions have arrived, it has been allowed to raise the number of participants at VESPA WORLD DAYS introducing a new kind of adhesion: this new fee of €30.00 will allow the participation to the whole program, but not to the dinner of Saturday evening.

The Vespa Clubs that have already filled in the form they will receive the confirmation  of the insertion and the request of payment of the fee, following the waiting list. We suggest who has not done yet to fill in the form.

as we got to know, Eurovespa became renamed into „Vespa World Days“.


Weatherforecast for Rimini: [:)]

and we are back now and brought some pictures!

and some more infos of the Vespa World Days:

(official website)

Participation is 55 EUR per person:

We inform all the lovers of the “Vespa” that the opening
date of the registrations is previewed for April 2007, like other
years you will have some days for being able to send us the registration
form that you will find on the dedicate page in the web site.

If you would like to be informed with an e. mail about the opening registrations date, please leave your address in the page “ Newsletter”, you will receive timely the communication!

            After have made the registration and have chose the payment form 
            (credit card or bank transfer)you will receive the confirmation 
            of your participation. </i></p>

At the same time will be possible to give your preference to the interesting social program that we are organizing for you: excursions etc….

The individual entry-fee for the event is of Euro 55,00 and it included:

            - Official program, <br>

            - Official kit, <br>

            - Official dinner, <br>

            - Parades, <br>

            - Vespa World Days Gadgets, <br>

            - 2 Packed Lunch.</i></p>

We waiting for you !!!

Small Video Clip: