Eurocilindro for PK

A friend of mine purchased a Liquid Cooled Direct Manifold kit for his PK125. It had Eurocilindro embossed on the side and Parabellum on the other. I`ve been looking at performance kits for a while now, and have never even heard of a Eurocilindro direct manifold kit. Does anyone know about this? Does anyone know where I can learn more about Eurocilindro kits?

Dear NFZ

I too have a eurocylindro kit. I too have asked around for info on these kits. The kit is excellent for all small frame and PK Vespas. You will need to have the engine casing machined as the barrell is thicker than a vespa one.

Your friend can choose to run the kit a number of ways.

  1. As per normal Vespa. By blanking off the inlet manifolt hole on the barrell and running with either the 34mm eurocylindro long manifold where the usual vespa carb is, or with a smaller (in length) stubby manifold with the carb in the engine bubble compartment.

  2. With barrell reversed using a fabricated inlet manifold. Carb would then stick out of rear of engine.

  3. As 1. above but using inlet manifold on barrel.

There are advantages and dis-advantages for all of the above. I will firstly be using mine as 1. with conventional rotary induction. This gives greater control over inlet timing and allows the user to have a broader spread of inlet timings. You are limited using piston port inlet timings unless you use a reed block.

This is just a small bit about what you can do. Your friend has a number of opportunities of how to run the barrell.

If you need more info e-mail me, if I cant help I have a number of friends who are two stroke tuning genius who may be able to help




the name Eurocilindro is a Tuning company from Italy,if you want a fast smallframe take a Polini from a NSR 125 ore build a Malossi
172ccm from Dragster LC on it,much power and best quality.[:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:]