Et4 rear lights

i’ve seen a couple of scoots now with the et4 rear lights, is it easy to convert to a px?


thanks email is [email protected]

Ok, I'm gonna scan the drawings tomorrow and send it to you.



Drawings just sent to Rick and Bernat!

See ya!


thanks for the pic’s, but why so big?

mikke you could make money out of those drawings lol.


Honest Guys, I don’t have an ET4. I want the light on my PX!!!

still waiting anybody know the modifications??

 garranpx200e garranpx200e,

The mail is sent!



[email protected] pictures sent

aup buddy you need to cut an hole in your frame to fit et4 has the bulb has a recesse ehind it the hole is about 2inch across cut a little at a time so you dont cut to much out  then you need to drill hloes for screws sounds worst than it is et4 lights rock on px,s

Can i have alook to

received great thanks

Yes I done it on my PX, no special problem, you just have to cut the frame.  If you want I can send you the drawing of what you have to cut, simply ask!


Send me your mail.

Yes of course, I’ll search the pics and send them as soon as possible.

[:S] good to see this board is multi-lingual !![B]


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Done it quickly, sorry!