Et4 rear light?

Hello.Can anyone help? I’m thinking of fitting a et4 rear light to my t5 classic.What do i need to do to make one fit?
Thanks & Happy Christmas.[:drink:]

True or what your local plod is like!;D

Hi Gwilym if your British you will also have to find another light(white) to illuminate you number plate. I’ve seen some trick omes used before that are also a fixing for the plate but I don’t know whwere to get them

Here’s the link to the picture:

Hi, Beedspeed sell bolts with LED’s in for the number plate, so would car accessory shops. Vehicle Wiring Products also sell separate number plate lights.
Try these:

Hi,thanks to Mikke & Diablo for your help.;D

hello mate ive had a ete rear light on my bike and never bothered with the no plate light it just depends where u get it moted

You have to cut the frame to fit the light. I will show you a picture this evening, I have to go right now.