ET4 50cc

Hi! I’ve just bought a ET4 50cc for my wife. I took it for a ride & I found out that it won’t go any faster than 50km. I presume this is due to it being restricted. I’ve searched the internet & found out a lot about destricting autos, but I don’t know how ET4 50cc are restricted. I love to hear from anyone one about this! Thanks,
Noisy Wasp

Like all other 45km/t’s scooters I would say the restriction is a ring in the variator and the exhaust beaing catalysed.
so open it up and remove the ring and you should be going about 15km/t faster
Is is a common thing that there are a „gold“ plate in the intake by the airfilter. You should remove it and then jet it 3 numbers up (if you don’t jet it up, it will seize)

GL with the „projekt“ [:)]

u cant derestrict the et 4 its nt possible. u can to the et2 bt nt to the et4 50cc