Et3 polini exhaust fitment

Hi looking to fit polini exhaust to my et3 was wondering if i could get away with removing only part of sidepanel toolbox?thanks in advance. 



the only exhaust what fits on your tool box vespa w/o any modifis is this one


very powerfull !




Well ive just answered my own question even though ive read in scootering small frame exhaust tests that you have to remove the side pannel toolbox to fit the polini curly exhaust and on many scooter shop pages too You DONT have too!Just fitted one to my et3 no problems at all.No modifications needed  .Not only that but it sounds great ,looks great nice finnish and has just added at least 7 mph top end and 3rd has more torque.Deffinatly worth it if youre after reliable way of getting more power for low cost(and your not trying to create a supertune smallframe) Thanks for the reply above you almost made me spend money i didnt need to.