Especially for Curare


I sent you a mail but you did not answer, probably not read yet, I need your „motorbike knowledge“ :

With a Kawazaki ZX12R „restricted“, we try it on the „bench“ for testing the engine, it shows +/- 186hp at 11100rpm at the breaking point, not sure of this word we say „rupteur“ in french,
with a non-restricted one, we have a little more than 190hp but at 11500rpm at the breaking point, is there a way to push the restricted one to the same rpm, of course to gain power?

Thanks a lot and take care of your health,

Your friend,


hello Mikkke, I didn’t get anything yet.

Check if your friend has the twin body ram air filter; if not just using them should get 10-12 hp more in the high rpm easily.
This is the easiest thing to do. If want more just e-mail me.
I don’t understand why I don’t get your e-mail.
Try to send another one just to let me check.

ok, it’s done


I wish I could get an extra 10-12 BHP out of my Vespa by changing the air filter!!!


hello Mikkke,
I didn’t get any mail.
Please sent it again so we will leave this forum for our loved vespas.

…but still nothing…
Are you sure you are sending it at the right address?
You can find it on my profile.


I have just send it once again and the mail address was correct, let’s wait!!

Hello Curare,

Is your mail address : [email protected]

I send three mail yesterday, sending one more this afternoon and I’ll send one just now to check


No stress, it’s just for a good friend of mine who is not converted yet to our beloved, I’ve got three Vespas and no motorbike, so no stress!!



If you’re going to talk motorbike’s in here at least make sure they are 2 strokes![:angry:] ;D