Error during payment

When I was trying to make an order, I selected Credit Card as payment method. I am sure I filled in everything correctly but yet, I got this error: Authorisierung abgelehnt. Die Transaktionsanfrage wurde abgelehnt. 
I tried another method (Maestro) and got the same error.
I don't know what to do. Please help me, I need the parts desperately.
Thanks, Nando 

Hi ...

normally this error means that the creditcard details are wrong

or there is not enough money on the card ...


do you tried it again ?

Did you ever get an answer back on your post? We are having the same problem. All info is entered correctly and there is money in the account yet it keeps giving us the same error message you received…. very frustrating

we have problem with order. Our custommer number is30693200. When we want to make order  displays an error: Authorisierung abgelehnt. Die Transaktionsanfrage wurde abgelehnt. How can we make order, if we want pay for this order credit card?

Hello Sportique Scooters,


The error message is a standard text that we get back from our card payment provider. There could be various problems causing this, limit problems, blocking of orders abroad or online orders etc. Please contact your bank to find out why this keeps happening.


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I have been ordering scooter parts now through SIP for over 7 years, and almost every time I do it, I get the same frustrating message about my credit card. I don't speak German, but I'm guessing the message  is saying my card is not valid. It IS valid, and has maybe $30,000 worth of available credit on it. It just happens to be a Canadian Credit card, I'm ordering Italian parts from a German company and getting them shipped to the UK, where I visit every year.

But does it have to be this hard. I don't want to shop at North America's by comparison poor scooter shops, but this Verified by Visa thing is making it hard to be a continued customer.

SIP, please do something about this unnecessary security