engine upgrade

Hi I am looking at upgrading the engine on my px200 disc model ,2007.

 I already have ready to fit malossi 210 kit 3113764,  hp4 lightened flywheel, T5 4th gear,

Would changing the cylinder head supplied with the 210 kit , to the mmw cylinder head make much difference? if so what one should I order.

I am going to use a delorto 30mm carb, 40030000, malossi manifold 22158000,

What crank would you recommend, 46010000 ?  and what clutch 93041000, or 9304500 ? also with the clutch should I go 23/64 or 24/63 ?

Want to make sure I get the correct part numbers , as when I ordered some Bitubo shocks I got the wrong ones.



Hi dude,

i dont recommend you an HP4 flywheel.


Better to take the modified PK flywheel with 1800 gr. or an ignition like Parmakit or Vespatronic with an 1600gr. flywheel.



Do you want to ride with an rotary or an reed valve system ??





Want to ride with a Rotary system,


Thanks for that , just need to know what you think about swapping the cylinder head supplied with the malossi 210 kit , with the mmw cylinder head , and what I can expect from doing it.


Hi dude


Ok you want to use a rotary valve system ...

I don´t recommend you the 46010000 crank. It´s more for an reed valve system.

Take the 45015000 for mid and high refs or 4502500 longstroke crank for more tourqe.


If i am right you´re have mounted a cosa clutch.

So it would be neccessary only to change the Reinforced Springs 93122 and a Reinforced Basket 93231000.






Hi dude


So you´re using a longstroke with 210 malossi ??

if yes then use the mmw zylinderhead with o-ring for longstroke shaft. If you want more tourqe in the low refs use the head without baseplate 1.5.