Engine subframe

trying to get a malossi 210 into a 1953 vespa ‚g‘ model. apparently the americans do a subframe to mount them in the frame. any of you know exactly which bloody americans do these as i have trawled the net to no avail

the vespadoctor

cheers juan, ive opted to make one now coz the yanks want £148 plus tax and postage

cheers juank your a star. dont mind making my own just cant be arsed. so many things to do so little time

I’m not sure.You could try here.

Or you could 'phone Niall at Retrospective as he’s done it a few times and might have some in stock.

Also keep your eye on e-bay,there’s a German or Austrian lad that sells them from time to time.

How much?[[:O]]

One here.

yeah exactly!! it may be a custom but thats just taking the p***
however, to you SIP moderators, take a look at the picture on juank’s link and make em ‚n‘ put em in stock for a more reasonable £30 (by tomorrow would be nice)