Engine Rebuild Primavera

Hi all, I have just been given a Spanish 125 Super which as far as I am aware is pretty much the same as a primmy.

The Scooter has been stood for 15yrs and the engine does not run.

1st Question - Will it need a complete engine rebuild? I know the Barrel seized after new ringns were fitted 15 years ago then it was left.

If I was to rebuild the engine would I have to replace the crank etc or just oilseals and bearings?

2nd Question - If i was to put a kit on Malossi, Polini etc which is best, I dont really want to have the crankcase modified or spend vasts amounts of money.

The scooter will mostly be used in Manchester so not on long journeys. I want a reliable scooter good in town.

Would just replacing the Exhaust and upjetting the carb help at all if i kept the same barrel and piston.

Also because i would be on an L plate would a 133 kit etc be illegal for me to ride.

Sorry for the long one but all help is appreciated, I dont want to spend £00000s on a super fast machine.


if you have to rebuild the engine you have to change all bearings oil seals and gasket. Even if at first look they could be ok, renew it once the engine is open. If you are going to break an old oil seal after then you have to strip the engine again (if it is the clutch side one).
If your barrel has some problem, just replace with a DR one. It will give you just a little more power then the standard one and is fairly cheap. In principle everything that modify the performance of an engine is illegal, but I guess with the DR kit you are within a margin of tollerance, and only with a deep control they could tell you did something to your engine.
Don’t forget to renew the clutch too.

I’d use the Polini 130 and a Polini snail pipe,good torque,cheap and you don’t have to port them.The Malossi is very revvy in comparison.

As for your crank I don’t know.Personally I wouldn’t risk it but it’s up to you.I’d at least have it split and fitted with a new bearing but smallframe crank’s are fairly cheap.

Legally you couldn’t ride the 130 but it’s unlikely anyone would find out.If you aren’t keen to take this option then have your barrel honed or rebored depending on the condition and buy the suitable piston.

What about the DR barrel in stead of a malossi or a polini has anyone used one of these?