Engine PX200. Still available?

Hello, I would like to know if is still possible to buy the PX200 engine ( to be fitted on my actual PX125 '98 ) .

Coupd of months ago I was almost ready to buy it and then, other priorities come ....

Now finally the wish come on the top of list, but well... I cannot see it anymore . Plz d'ont tell me is too late [:O]...


Thank you, Sun

Hello SunazurUgo,

I am afraid your buying decision came too late. We sold the last PX200 engine a couple of weeks ago, since then there are no more engines available. We are currently trying to offer a kit comprising most of the individual parts that were included in the complete engine but this is still a work in progress. Please check our webshop regularly to see if the item is ready for sale (art no will be 78001J00).

Best regards,


Thank you Martin ..... yeah , the decision come too late ( actually the time to colllect the extra funds $$$[^o)] ) . I will check it out constantly ....

The idea to offer the kit is very good and it goes straight with SIP roots philosophy  , not only dealers but support and solution makers...

Thank you.

Eventually once something will be ready you can update the post (eventually ) ...


Hey dude,


do you just checked the new engine kit ?

It´s 78001R00.




Hello Martin, do you have some news ?? [8-)]

Thank you !