Engine probs after rebuild help!

I have just rebuilt my px150 with a polini 177 top end,all ports are mached and it as run prior to this rebuild no probllem.I have replaced all the oil seals and gaskets.On starting the engine no problems but cuts out without choke. Also there is quite a bit of oil blowing out the polini head.I have tightend the head bolt to no avail,could an oilseal be the problem? Many thanks Gaz.[:shock1:]

Did the head bolts that you are using come with the kit? Make sure they are not to long! I had that once before when using the original bolts on a pk DR or Pollini kit…


how is the smoke out of the exhausts?

Put the head on very small number sand paper on a glass surface to be as flat as possible and smooth it with round mouvements.

Check the carb is tight on its sit to be sure you don’t have an air leak there.

And please give us more information how your engine cuts.

As soon as choke off, at all rpm or …