Engine not turning

Heh there folks, brand new to this Vespa/Scooter thing.

P125 X, no electric, no oil mix on it.

Got one that had been sitting in someone’s back garden nearly 2 years now. I was told it was running and a friend called over to have a look. It’s needs a new regulator, this I know.

What I’m wondering tho is this.

I can’t get it to kick over in netural. With the clutch in it will kick over but doesn’t sound like it’s driving much.

I’ve asked two people about it.

First mate thinks it might be a seized clutch. So I’m going to take the wheel off, gunther on and check that out.

Another friend suggested it could be weather seized. Which means dropping oil down plug hole, top up with engine and leave to sit for a few days. Then give it another try turning over in 3rd with a little run at it.

Does anyone have any suggestions comments etc. This is a fairly proper restore job. I want it for work tho ASAP and plan to try all possibilites this weekend, so prompt replies appreciated.


Does the flywheel turn? if you pull the clutch in and the flywheel does not turn, the clutch will be working, as the clutch separates the crank/flywheel/barrel and piston from the gearbox and kick start.
it sounds like the top end, I would take the head off and have a look[:)] if its too bad and too rusty it will also be on the bearing surfaces, and will bugger the seals and bearing’s as you get it going!

Nice one Slind dog, so now I can check that the Clutch isn’t stuck.

Took the very top of the cyclinder (it’s so easy!) and there is a slight redden [H] , but not mad rust. I have put oil into through the spark plug, so I’ll try roll it forward and back in gear this weekend. I can check the clutch this evening and let ya know how I get on.

Thanks again,

heh S.

Had a quick loko last night (in the dark) and held in clutch and could not turn the fly wheel by hand. Now I did not take off the cowling cover to get both hands at it but I will try it at the weekend. Put the oil in it last night so it should either be free by the weekend, or properly seized (hope not!).

Will be back in touch to let ya know how I get on.
thanks again,