Engine ET-3

Good evening:

I'm spanish and I would like to prepare a race engine, but I'm not sure what can I need. I would like obtain about 25 horses (if it's possible...) Could you help me, please???

Tahnk you very much, and I'm sorry but my english is poor.

Waiting your notice, best regards.

Hello !

You're  english isn't that bad and certainly better than mine :)

You're looking for a 25 horses ? ahem ... That's gonna be pretty hard .

Here , in france , most of people reaches 10-18 horses and with so much work and so much money with that base .


Don't forget that the ET3 stock usually reaches 5-7 horses.

Anyway, probably the best cylinders are M1, parmakit etc.. but with those, you'll need to reinforce all your engine ( clutch, bearings, maniflod etc...) and you can say goodbye to your bank reserve ;)


good luck !