Engine casing


I am about to order a large number of parts for my vespa. I have question about this part: 18246250. I wonder if this part will fit my vespa? I also wonder what engine casing this partnumber contains? 1 or 2 halfs? I mean if the partnumber includes the whole engine casings, the both parts of the engine.


VMA1T 68 (Popolino) Primavera

Thanks for a quick answer.


Hi Kalle,

regarding to your question:

You will need another crankshaft, statorplate, flywheel oilseals and bearings if you want to use that engine.

The size of the flywheel side is 24/25mm instead of 19mm which you have on your orig. PV Engine.

But we can supply you with all parts you need.


I want to know too


Thanks for fast answer! Ok, i really only need the engine casing half to the flywheel side. Can i buy such part at sip that will fit whitout doing the modifacations discribed above? In other word a direct fit part.