Electronic ignition

I got a 67 GT engine model VNL2m w/ a polini 177 (its a two port case that has an added 3rd port. the points float at about 40 MPH. I was wondering if someone makes an electronic ignition kit to modify my engine or if there is a way to do it myself? Any help you guys can give Id appriecate.

Where are you?

You can use one from a PX125. Im sure there are other options but this is the easiest. You will have to do some changes to the wiring but its not too difficult. You will also need to mount a regulator (inside the LHS glovebox) and change to 12 volt bulbs.

Thanks Dirk the guys at my local scooter shop dont know shit they said I would have to put a different type of motor in.(their just trying to sell me A new motor.

Los Angeles, CA