Electronic ignition nightmare

ive just bought a ignition conversion to match the pk cut crank ive put in my v90 it fit well in the caseing the wires plumbed in ok but it just wont spark. out of the three wires going into the cdi/coil only the green has power to it when kicked over the red and white- nothing. is this right. please help im pulling my hair out.[:@]

ive tryed all the wires, in the order it says on the side of the coil -green ,white, red. green being nearest the plug wire. any help is much appreciated

Success! at lest your getting thier![:D]
The blue comes from the four lighting coils,one end is earthed, then connected one by one till the last one that will be the blue.
The black is another earth!
maybe thier is a short? does the blue wire spark[?[]put it close to any earth/frame/engine)
BUT I’m going by the px style wiring, is it 12volt/how many wires to electrics? have you a rectifier.
If it’s a straight swap(useing origanal wiring) I think there is a earth/cut out wire solderd to the stator maybe that is earthing somewhere?
You have the best set up with the better crank and electronic so shouldn’t worry! plus you can use the HP4 flywheel.
Not to good on small frames,so if anyone else can help, in case I’m getting it wrong, just say!!
Keep us up dated as you will suceed[:D]

Have you electronic fly wheel? inside in between the four magnets will be a H shape,
check the solder on the stator,
white is an earth and solderd the stator,
the red is solderd to black pick up box,which then is earthed to the stator by a small green wire,
the green wire goes to the white wrapped l.t. coil wich then is also earthed by a small wire after going through it.
do you have a multimeter, as I will dig out the settings to check.
also disconnect the black(earth) and the blue for the lighting as it might help.

success ;D traced blue wire to brake where i found a dodgy earth so i ran another. plus i’d traped some of the lume further down the line (my cock up again but boy that suckers tight in that frame) so im sorted, spark and brake lights present and correct. i just need to get the thing to run. it think im going to take it to chiselspeed to sort . yet more money. but ive kinda had inuff, theirs no more skin left on my nuckles. im a painter not a mecanic so bike looks good even if it dont run. thanks again— later[:drink:]

The white, is an earth wire! have you tried it in the coil? thier is a way to test, by using a meter if you still have problems I will find the settings, but first try it with the coil!

thanks dog. ive just tryed your sugestion and still no change still sparkless
do you think the stator mighnt be knackered. Im starting to wish
id have left the old points ignition on but with changing the crank thats not an option.

whoa what happened there disconnecting blue and black wires = spark. your the man. but what does that meen, bad earth or something, what about the lights. all the wires seem present and soildered .
this all stems from me getting the wrong taper on a crank i bought (my bad), i fitted it without checking (stupid boy) so i was left with a fly wheel with a small taper and a crank with large so i thought sod it i’ll throw some more money at it and bought the conversion. my mate recomended it but he runs a lammy so he no’s sod all about small frames,
i do have a multi meter but dont know the finer points of its use what i do know is if you catch that green wire whilst kicking it over it gives you a decent belt. as always thanks for the effort.

Try going from the ht lead’ white ,red ,green see if that works!

Also, you say you had to change to electronic? did you use the larger taper crank? as would have thought it would work with points(not as good!), as long as the flywheel fitted.