Electrics help - horn always on!

Hi all
Just put my px125 lump back in my gl - almost certain I matched the wires correctly…

But now the horn is always on - only goes off when I press the horn.
Otherwise all is fine.

Any ideas? How does the horn actually work - the handlebar switch seems to break a circuit when pressed…I can’t understand that.
It’s a non electric start 125 without battery.


Your switch seems to be normally open ( as most horn switch usally are). You should have a normally closed switch.


The GL switch seems to be a normally closed switch, if so, you have to replace or modified it.


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thanks leif

does that mean the voltage goes along the easiest path (ie not to the horn) - then when the horn switch is open - the voltage has to go to the horn?

so if my horn’s always on - do you think the switch is broken - ie it’s not creating an easy path when not pressed? But it switches off when pressed!