Electrical - V50 Special


Hopefully someone can give me some tips on this: I have a 1982 V50 Special - originally 6V, no battery, no blinkers. I have replaced the original engine with a 12V PK50XL engine and is trying to get the wiring correct. I have original wiring in the scooter, but have changed all the bulbs to 12V.

But, I have problems with horn and brakelight.

Horn: Probably because I still have the old 6V horn? The horn is 'on' all the time, no matter if I push the button or not. Seems strange, because this is a very simple connection - yellow wire with electricity to the switch box (frontlight) - yellow wire from light-switch and black ground.

Brakelight: When I connect the the blue wire for the brakelight to 'plus' - no lights are working until I press the brake - then everything works. And on the opposite: When I disconnect the wire for the brakelight - all the lights works fine (except for the brakelight of course...).

From the PK-engine, I have from the beginning connected black-to-black (ground), the green from the engine to red (stop-button) and the blue (positive) to all the wires from the chassis (via the volt-regulator). Lights and stop-button works fine.

After a lot of trial-and-error - I'm starting to run out of options here - does anyone have any tips on how to solve this?

Think I got it now. The old V50S engine has separate wires for light, horn and breaklight. The 'off' positions for both horn and brakelight actually send the whole circut to 'ground' and 'open' meaning release/disconnect the 'ground' when you push either of the buttons. I think I need to have a separate wire to both horn and brake and replace the switches from 'open' to 'close' switches (close when you push the button to connect electricity instead of open it to the ground as of today).

I don't know if these switches (at least for the brake) is something I can buy or have build myself?



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ok i will try .....


do you need a brake lght switch or are you talking about the switch on the handlebar ??





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I need the switch on the brake pedal