Electrical Problem

After finally getting around to finding out why my px200(BATTERYLESS) wont start I discovered that there was no spark at the plug. The wires in the ignition unit are as specified in manual(H.T. WRGG) but after switching the red and white wires I got a spark and the scooter started with all lights workin. The scoot turns over alright but cant achieve revs can anyone tell me what might be wrong and why switching wires gives me a spark(very weak) thanks in advance.[:drink:]

did you check the wiring between the statorplate and the coil with a multimeter for resistanse (ohm)?

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Have you tried a diffrent coil?
as the blue indian ones did this(they are shite!!)
Other wise check the wires on the stator for any breaks, splits or loose connections

Ive had this before and it was the pick up. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up with a resistance reading. It does show up on a tacho that works or HT coil pulses though. It makes the tacho read about double what it should.

For me it is the pick up too as Diablo said.

Coil is an original vespa one and not an indian one. Also checked all the wires on the stator and they all seem fine. Any other suggestions as this one really has my head wrecked.