Electrical problem (no spark)

[?[] I have a 1998 PX200disc and I have tried everything I can think of and have now admitted defeat and need some help badly. Had my scooter resprayed and have just got her back together tried to start her up and had no spark. Took the coil of and fiddle with the wires got a spark to the plug and the scooter fired up. Check all the light and everything was working fine. Turned her off and tried to start her and have now lost the spark completely. Put the coil on my wife’s scooter and it works fine so it’s not that. I have power coming from the green wire and the blue wire off the stator nothing from the red or white wires (not sure if power is meant to come from these and nothing from the green wire that leads to the ignition. I have tried with the ignition switched on and off and get the same results. I hope I have given you all enough information to help me out with this problem but if you think you need more info then please let me know and I’ll try and explain it the best I can.


Hi Beerace

I have tried the green wire from the stator and i get a good spark from it this wire seems to be fine. I have also tried removing the green ignition wire and still can’t get the bloody thing to spark. Any more suggestions? I’m in desperate need of help


Even if youve got a good spark, still give it a gentle pull , when you disturb it or hold it against the casing it can make contact inside the sleeving.

Jidoka, a quick test. get hold of the green wire from the stator, hold the wire 1cm away fomr the connector and the connector and gently pull apart if it stretches cut off the connector and fit a new one/ bodge bare wire on using old connector. Very common on higher mileage motors, the wire vibrates and cracks leaving the outer green rubber looking intact but no wire in the middle. Worth a quick, easy check.