Electric T5

Have a T5 engine in a GTR. It’s 5 wires from the electric plate (no battery). I’ have installed a regulator for 3 wires. But I’ve only about 3VDC out of the regulator. When measuring directly on the two wires out of engine, I measure 0VDC and over 20VAC. Have changed to another electric plate (used) for T5, and it’s the same. Any suggestion? Wrong regulator? A friend have the same on a P200 engine in a GTR, and it works OK for him.

red white and green go to the CDi The blue wire is the lights power and will read different ac voltage depending on what revs the bike is doing. Black is earth and should be wired into the loom earth. Wire the blue wire into the first pin of the two that are together on the regulator. The pin next to it is lights power out and should read 12v ac. the remaing pin on its own is an earth. Run a wire from it and ground it to the frame. The stator is an ac system so should always be measured as such including the power out of the regulator. Hope this helps[:D]