Early PK 50 (1990) hub on 50 Special (1976) fork

Sorry if this has been covered before.

I planned to use a PK50 (the early type, NOT the XL2 type) fork in my 50 Special from 1976, with the old style closed rims and poor brakes. I see that this will require extensive work on the mudguard to make it fit, and also lowering of the damper.

The new idea is to swap over the PK hub to the old fork, which will give me 10 inch "open" rims and better brakes. But will this work "out of the box", or will I end up with other issues?

- Freddy

In order to make it work like the original, you have to do some rework on the PK fork inkluding turning and welding.

- Also you have to modify the PK fork to work with the old lock (Milling machine)
- Don't forget to manufacture a new stop block and weld it to the fork.
- etc.

Are you a metal worker with a well equipped workshop (big lathe, welding equipment, milling machine)?

Here you find a description (The pics explain a lot):