E conversion 150 sprint

I’ve recently bought one of the SIP electronic conversion kits for a classic vespa. None of the fixing points on the stator backplate line up - but holes can allways be drilled. That isn’t too much of a problem.
but I need to know how to line the stator plate up in order to get the point before TDC. I’ve been advised that it’s 20 degrees before TDC, but there are no timing marks or like in order to line it all up. Can anyone out there help me out, as I need to get the thing running in time for IOW04!


Thanks for that, Beerace. sorry to hear your gonna miss the IOW!

I got a mail off SIP the other day to say they had a conversion kit and were fitting it to a sprint 150 in the workshop so that these figures and fitting positions were widely available to all and sundry.

To go a bit further than Avenger, Look inside the flywheel and locate the two overlapping „fingers“ of the magnets, this is the trigger for the electronic pick up. Mark the outside of the flywheel where the „fingers“ are. Fit flywheel only, and locate TDC, Mark flywheel at the edge (there may be an arrow already cast on the rim), and mark the cases adjacent. Take degree disc and rotate anti-clock (I think you should be closer to 18 degrees).Mark your timing point on cases next to arrow/mark on rim. Keeping it on the timing mark,Scribe a line from centre of flywheel through centre of marks where "fingers are and mark cases. Remove flywheel, place stator plate in cases and line up centre of pick-up in line with centre of crank to mark on cases you made for „fingers“. Fit stator, adjust to suit. Sorry its long winded, but it will run set up like this to be able to get a timing light on it. Wish I could go to IOW04.

if there are no marks, borrow a TDC guage and make your own markings

Hi Beerace, how do you know all this?