Dropping the Fork

While Im trying to muster the fundage necessary to field a racer, Im planning as much as I can. Im considering cutting about two inches out of the center of my fork, shaving two inches across the top of the legshield then re-welding the fork (of course) and the base of the headset back to the newly lowered frame and legshield. The reason Im doing this is to lower the stance of the bike, which I understand will greatly aid in handling ability. Has anyone ever does this? Can you give me some advice? This will be on a Smallframe with a PK fork.

Hello Nerd_Force_Zero !
We have something in commom…I´m also building a Vespa Racer and already droped a PK fork ! visit my webpage and as you don´t known a portuguese word just see the pictures on „projecto GT“ section

Nuno Mesquita[:smokin:]