Dragster 180 Tuning

I’m about to start tuning my Dragster 180 LC 2-stroke, and I wonder if anyone could recommend a tuning set-up. What kind of carburetor? 25mm 30 mm ??? SIP or PM exhaust?? And so on.
I believe my Dragster has the same Piaggio engine that
comes with the Gilera Runner SP180 2-stroke ?!?
If so, I could use the same tuning as for this scooter, or ?
Is the transmission identical on the Dragster and the Gilera Runner??

SIP shop got a great guide how to take your Dragster 180 to the top of tuning and bottom of your wallet ;D

See if you can get hold on their catalogue from download area or your connection to the .network is cold honey try order it via regular mail. In there you’ll find all the goodies to drawl from.

Yummie.[:drink:] [:smokin:]