DR180 kit??????

hi there im new to scootering and ive had my completly standard 1982
px125e on the road about a week now and im allready noticing the distinct lack of power in the 125 engine. its ok around town and stuff but as soon as i start wanting to do things like go up hills or i want to overtake i start to see the advantage of a kitted engeine,
ive been told that i should go for the DR 180 kit as all i require is more poke. i dont want a higher top speed and i dont want to have to change carb or crank i just want bolt on power. would the DR do the trick??? cheers [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:dance1:] [:smile:] [:drink:]


The DR 180 kit is one of the most reliable kit on the market… even if it’s not the fastest !

you can fit it with a standard 20 mn carb. For my part i’ve fitted it with a 24mn (PX200) and set the ignition timing to 19° and it works perfectly !