Dr180 help and advice needed

Hi there , i have put a dr180 kit on my px  with a p2 24mil carb and a s/s sterling pipe , im using 118 main jet , 140 top, be4 mixer tube ,air screw 2 turns out . The problem i just cant seem to get it to run right , some people have told me to set the timing between the „a“ and „it“ marks , sum have said it doesnt need adjusting and others have told me 17 degrees , at the moment i have turned it  clockwise so it is just past the standard 125 setting . It wont pull in 4th gear very well (65mph) max and in the other 3 gears it feels very rough at the end of the rev range. Any one got any ideas as to what could be wrong ? cheers .

cheers at the moment im using im using the same jetting as you have advised apart from a be3 mixer , im currently using a be4 . spark plug im a NGK 8 as i ran crap with a 7 , cheers

had a heat sieze tonight on way home from work cant work it coz the plug is a very good colour . Im adding 20mil of oil to a litre of petrol is that enough ?


I can't understand from your writing what is your final set up. In any case this what I can say for the timing : get it lower then the IT mark. Not toward the A but in the other way, 1-2mm clockwise from IT. Should get you to around 17°.

Try out this carb set up:

160, be3, 118

and 48/160 for slow.

This will be a starting poin. From then tell us your findings and then will make changes.

Spark: NGK 9 or Bosch 3 grade. It is important.

Oil  3%.