DR177 Timeing

Hi all I am rebuilding my first vespa engine and it is not going
To bad but could some one explain a simple way of setting
the timeing. I have a p125x with a new dr177 kit every thing else
Is standard also what jet would you recommend for the DR177 kit

Hi !

I ride a Px 125 with a DR 177 Kit, The correct ignition timing is 19°
and i have fitted a PX200 carb (dellorto 24) with a 118 main Jet, and a stock exhaust.

If you plan to fit a larger exhaust you might upjet your carb…

i’m actually jetting my carb for a SIP performance exhaust, with an NGK Spark N8 and i upjetted the carb with a 122 mainjet… but it’s a bit rich … i guess i’ll have to downjet to 120…

You should see 2 timing marks on the stator plate A and IT, A is 23 degrees and IT is 18 degrees. You should be able to work out where to put it from the marks. Your kit is probably 17 degrees but im not certain. If you have to go any further than that you will need to drill the stator plate holes a little to be able to move the stator further. If you have access to a timing strobe you can check the timing using the flywheel and flywheel cowl. The flywheel has 1 mark and the cowl has A and IT marks.