Dr-tuned Vespa 150

Hello all Vespa-fans!

I’m the proud owner of a 1960 Vespa 150 (Vgla1).
It is a 3-gears and original.
Now she manage about 80km/t…

But I would like some more speed… -but whitout doing anthing that makes her brake down on every corner…

I’m therefore thinking of a DR177-kit and a Sito Plus-exhaust…
This because I’m very pleased with my DR-kit on my V50S… Or do you have any other suggestions of kit?

What speed could I expect to reach with a „bolt-on-kit“ on my old lady?


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If you get a 150 Super engine then the DR kit should bolt straight on. My engine is a 1974 and i had no problems fitting the kit.

As for the carb, theres no point spending the money on a kit and not upgrading the carb. You can get P200 carbs off ebay - i got one cheap and it works really well.

My 150 Super with a DR 177, P200 carb and ScootRS pipe (and timing altered and carb jetted properly) does about 110kmh (about 68 mph) on a good day and accelleration is much better than standard.

Hello Diablo!

I know about the two transfer ports…
I’m going to fix that with a homemade gasket… [:rolleyes:]

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Hello Vespa 1010!

That sounds good for me!

But your super got 4-speed gearbox and 3 transfers… I only got 3 speed and 2 transfers… But I think it will work!

I’m not sure about changing the carburettor… (money…)
What do you think of the original one?


Not on an expert on old Vespa but I think your casings wont match the barrel because it will only have two tranfers later vespas had three.

You’ll be lucky. The barrel overhangs the transfer area by a fair bit.


Ive got a DR 177 on my 1974 150 Super, with a 24 mm P200 carb and ScootRS exhaust and it flies along (with Curare’s help - thanks Curare!!!)

Its not had any porting done but im really happy with the acceleration and top speed when you compare it to how slow it was as standard.

Lee - Australia